Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fast Fiction 3 - You've Got To Help!

Title: You've Got To Help!
(Strictly speaking, this is 5 words, but I am hungry and grateful for all willing challengers)
Challenger: DG
Length: Exactly 200 Words

I was waiting for the bus home when I saw the White Van slam into the rear of the Hatchback, followed by two distinct roars.

The first was the Hatchback erupting into flames. The second came from the large lion trying to force its head in between the van’s buckled back doors.

Cue the screaming. There’s always screaming. And shouting. Can’t these people shut up and let me watch the damn show? These people with their drab uneventful lives: sleep, eat, work, shit, shower, repeat. Day after day after day. And look what’s served up as an entertaining bit of Reality Theatre right on the street corner to terminate that predictable drudgery! Drama and Explosions and Carnivores!

“Help them! You’ve got to help!”

Which idiot said that? Can’t they see?? That family of five were gone just after “Boom!”. And the bloke driving the van went through the windscreen and straight on the barbecue. There’s no-one left to help.

The lion was still struggling, though.

Afterwards, the newspapers referred to me as “the brave unidentified stranger”. Probably because I was the only one willing to walk towards the burning wreckage. But I just wanted something to light my cigarette with.


Shh! Bert at Work said...

Very droll.

And thanks to DG, bless him for helping you in turn.

Travel said...

Very good! And you worked the lion into the story! She had kept fluffy as a house pet for years until her neighbor complained that fluffy was snacking on lesser quadropeds in the neighborhood. the code enforcement people decreed that a proper enclosure had to be built, or fluffy would have to go.

Is the story real or fiction? Is it the strangest phone call I have ever recieved?


AKA said...

All stories are real...even the fictional ones.

It can be the strangest phone call you have ever recieved if you want it to be...