Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Future, Mr. Gittes!

Wrapping things up and clearing things down here at Stately AKA Manor, just in time to kick 2010 out the door (that lousy bum!). But before I welcome in 2011 with a rakish grin on my face, I wanted to dig out one more thing before it gets consigned to the archive.

At the beginning of this year, I had a thin sliver of microfiction published in Icon magazine’s Fiction issue (cover dated February 2010 and numbered issue 80) in a section titled “Stories for the end of the decade”. The brief, in their words, was that “It had to be connected to architecture, design or urbanism, but otherwise writers were free to do what they liked.” And it had to come in at 100 words or less. For what it’s worth, mine was exactly 100 words. For posterity and your fleeting amusement, I present it here:

And with that, I’m gone for the year. Happy New Year, friends and readers! I’ll catch you on the other side.