Friday, June 01, 2007

And The Tweet Goes On

Short Sharp Stabs Are GO!

George “drool-on-his-chin-and-the-devil-in-his-eyes” Bush is still the world’s most unbelievably Evil Bastard. Is no-one willing to challenge him for the crown of King of the Shits?

Be Kind, Rewind has the potential to be the finest piece of cinematic confectionary we can hope to consume in 2008.

As feared, I have become obsessed with Twitter. Have you seen me twittering yet? You should. It’s like this, only shorter. Less filling, but with the same great taste. And to all of my lovely friends out there who don’t like to go down on the blogosphere and get all messy with your hungry lips and roving tongue, now you have no excuse! Go forth and twitter! It will give me something else to read. And I can never have too many things to read.

And in the words of C.J. Cregg: "That's a full lid!"

1 comment:

Matt said...

Holy SHIT. That does look good. (I am ensconced behind my Farringdon-based desk now...get in touch when you're free for a meet-up).