Thursday, February 09, 2006

When I'm right, I'm right

An addendum to my earlier post about the Jyllands-Posten cartoons. I just saw this breaking news.

See? I told you. This has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech.

Sometimes I hate being right.


b ollyoaks said...

Your point is not only right, it is - as always - excellently written.

Unlike "Hotel Babylon" on ITV3, which I watched the other night by mistake. Embarrassing for all concerned.

AKA said...

Too kind, brother.

You know, I have no idea what HOTEL BABYLON is. Enlighten me.

b alentless said...

You know what? I got it wrong - it's on BBC1. Which, sadly, does not necessarily make it any better.

It wants to be "Sex and The City" meets "Hotel", but really it's "badly directed ex-soap actors" meet "cliché-ridden, lazy-arsed screenwriting".

With sexy results? Not on your nellie.