Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fast Fiction 1 - Will Mime For Food

Title: Will Mime For Food
Challenger: B
Length: Exactly 200 words

As a huge blob of rain hit him right in the eye, all Marcel could think was, “This is going to end badly”.

He stared helplessly as a lump of white makeup rolled down his cheek and landed like a lump of bird diarrhoea on his shiny black loafers. As the heavens opened, the crowd started to disperse. Women screeched as the rain came down, as if they were The Wicked Witch of the Fucking West, melting under the onslaught of filthy city water.

Each bullet of rain took bits of his facepaint off and hurled them at the ground. He wanted to shout “Stop!” at the fickle punters, but he was sure that would be breaking some old mime Code of Conduct.

His black gloves now streaked with red and white, he bent over to pick up the battered trilby at his feet and flicked through the varied detritus resting at the bottom.

Three pounds and fifty nine pence. Some euros. (What the hell was he supposed to do with euros?) A guy’s phone number scrawled on the back of an old travelcard. And a greasy wrapper containing a half-eaten cheeseburger. Oh well, at least dinner’s taken care of.


b arceau said...

Lovely stuff. What a great way to kick off a meme!

Actually, it gives me an idea that develops the fast fiction concept a little:

I like the thought of poor old Marcel, all sad and wet, looking into his hat and finding the seeds of three inevitably disastrous adventures:

Euro Shopping Trolley Debacle
The Regrettable Mr Travelcard
Return of the Cheeseburger

What if you picked one of those titles, stormed down another FF, then we'll see if it inspires more four-word titles?

The Game Is Afoot.

AKA said...

Hmmm, that would be breaking my self-imposed "one story each" rule...let's see what /if anybody else throws at me first.

I may return to our hungry mime again...

Bert said...

No Moaning No More