Thursday, February 21, 2013

Breaking Glass

Yesterday, Google launched Glass - “wearable technology which allows users to take pictures and navigate the web using a built in camera and see-through computer screen”. Last week, I was reading Rule 34 by Charles Stross:

"While you’re waiting at the bus-stop (expect five minutes between vehicles, according to the flickering sign - more like ten if you account for traffic jams) you put on your specs and log in to the daily news flow.”

Today’s desirable technological innovation rapidly becomes the unremarkable accessory of tomorrow’s everyday drudgery. Science fiction becomes science fact in the space of a few swift revolutions of the news cycle. If you’re reading this on the screen of something the size of a cigarette packet that you just pulled out of your pocket then, on some level, you already understand this. Which is both incredibly exciting and a real shame all at the same time.

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