Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Master Blaster

Meant to post this towards the end of last year, but I forgot...

The audio wizards at This Is My Jam gifted all of their users a little present before Christmas - a seamless mashup of a year's worth of their own personal audio selections - A Jam Odyssey, if you will. I've been endlessly delighted by mine, I'm still listening to it on repeat now, and I still cannot work out how the hell they did it. (I don't really want to know either - it would kind of spoil the magic).

I've become increasingly fond of This Is My Jam over the last few months, and it has slowly become my daily musical destination of choice when I'm parked in front of a screen for hours at a time. (The fact that I don't get frequently interrupted by commercials is a big selling point).

If you fancy giving my Jam Odyssey a spin, have a click and play spot the soundbite.

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