Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eat Lead, Slackers!

And we're back. At last.

Took me a little longer than expected to get myself up to 88mph this year. Last week was almost a total write-off. I was all ready to hit the ground running hard and fast, only to discover that the ground was covered with ice and snow and I was slip-sliding all over the damn place. Last week morphed into a binary existence of either slowly traveling across ice and snow or trying to stay inside away from the ice and snow, so I treated the week with the contempt that it deserved - as a hangover from the end of 2009. Also: I'm a fucking mammal, so the inclement weather made me want to either sleep or eat instead of prodding the brainmeat into action.

So, as far as I'm concerned, 2010 started yesterday. Works for me. There's a helluva lot I want to do this year, and the words aren't going to write themselves. My To-Do list may be a vicious, unwieldy bastard sometimes, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I feel like I'm off to a good start anyway. Bring it!

Hype Alert! Noticed yesterday that I have a piece of microfiction in the current issue of Icon magazine, which pleased me hugely as I wasn't expecting it. Whilst I wouldn't expect anyone to buy the magazine on the strength of my minor contribution alone, it is worth noting that the current issue is a special all-fiction issue, featuring work from Bruce Sterling, Cory Doctorow and Will Self amongst many others, and it's bloody good. Whilst magazines are withering on the shelves and coughing up bloody ink-flecked chunks of pulpy matter as they die off one by one, publications like Icon magazine are luxurious objects of beauty, crafted by people who realise that content, form and aesthetics are inextricably linked. Icon magazine invites you to stroke the cover lovingly every month before wrapping your brains around the text. Buy it!

That's all for now. There is work to be done...


Jennifer said...

I peeked to see if I could purchase the Icon magazine to ship to the States, but I couldn't see an option for it. *sigh* Ideas?

AKA said...

Hey Jen. Happy New Year!

According to the Icon website, it can be purchased in the US from the following stores:

Barnes & Noble, New York, NY
Barnes & Noble, Washington DC
Barnes & Noble, Philadelphia, PA
Barnes & Noble, Atlanta, GA
Barnes & Noble, San Francisco, CA
Issues Magazine Store, Houston, TX
Follet, Boston, MA
Marck's Brentwood Newsstand, Los Angeles, CA
MOCA Store, Los Angeles, CA
Smoke Signals, San Francisco, CA

Also: For your local stockist please contact:


Maria Damiani
Tel: +1 718 392 7477

If they can't mail one out to you in Tennessee, let me know & I'll see if I can sling a copy in the post for you.