Monday, February 04, 2008


Excitement runs high in my home, my head and my pants at the moment because Lost is back!

I always approach a new season of Lost with trepidation. What if it is rubbish? What if it no longer works? I needn't have worried. I'm as hooked as I ever was.

People who know me will attest to the fact that I will become an obsessive lunatic fanboy for the next couple of months. I might need to get the words "Not Pennys Boat" on a t-shirt...


Jennifer said...

I {heart} Lost. But I've only seen up to part of season three, so no spoilers - pretty please. :^) The girl in the office next to me at work loves Lost, too, so she's already revealed too much, since I can't help but overhear her conversations... ha!

AKA said...

Don't worry - this will remain a spoiler-free zone for all things LOST. Clever reveals and secrets are all part of the magic of LOST, and I wouldn't want to contribute to spoilage.

Jennifer said...

Sweet. :^) You rock.

B said...

You should get a t-shirt printed up that says:


That would rock hard in a funky place.