Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Unfriendly Fire

I know it’s been quiet around here lately, but the words, they are a-brewing. Oh, yes. Stewing in my brainpot to get nice and strong, bitter and toxic.

Anyway, I just found this article, hyperlinked below. I always think I’m some jaded cynic, but when I read things like this, that make me feel so fucking angry and upset, I realise that I’m probably just a naïve, blind, ignorant idealist who seems to keep forgetting how warped and doomed this world and its stupid people are. Get your rage on:

Gunned down: the teenager who dared to walk across his neighbour's prized lawn

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Penny said...

Sick bastard.. if he hadn't had a gun, he might have punched that kid in the face and the child's parents would have been looking at a dentist bill and a lawsuit instead of a funeral. Over grass?

Over a splotch of yard?

Obviously this man is insane, but there is a lot of symbolism in this story.

Thanks for posting it.