Saturday, September 03, 2005

Woolly Headed

Note to self: never, ever blog drunk again. Ever. That was two in a row!

Not making apologies here, really, just adding a bit of context. A surfeit of alcohol allows my righteous indignation to rage unchecked, careering down the slippery roads of my thoughts and pulling free of my fingers out onto the keyboard and released untamed into the world.

One last link on the Katrina nightmare. And that’s the last I’ll say on the matter.

God, I’ve got a raging hangover today…


b atergate said...

Good to see you blogging so much, AKA - even if you are half-cut!

Apparently the US media is growing its bollocks back, thanks to an increasingly unsupportable POTUS.

Shh! Bert at work said...

Re. drunk blogging: no please don't. Ever.

b awlins said...

My last word: it is of some small consolation to me that the French Quarter survived.

Bon chance, mes braves.

Barnze said...

Done it the once..had to delete the posting though..Never again!