Monday, August 08, 2005

Twilight Zone

I’m pretty sure that it’s nowhere near as dull for you to read this as it is for me to live it, so I’m going to give yet another update on the as-yet barren search for work. So, you have to suffer through this shit one more time:

Number of jobs applied for: 121
Number of interviews so far: Still only 1

And I’m running out of ideas about what to do about it.

Tom Stoppard once said that: “Every exit is an entry to somewhere.” Well, I exited my last job on June 17. Since then, I don’t think I’ve entered anything at all, other than a bizarre existence that entails an endless round of begging, phoning, e-mailing, pleading, and losing little fragments of my sanity that slip away and rest on my pillow when I get up every morning. I’m just sitting in a Cosmic Waiting Room hoping someone calls my name soon.

This is how Sisyphus must have felt.


b acation said...

You know what? Write summer off as far as work goes. It's not you that's the problem.

Keep applying and looking by all means, but every HR sod's on their hols so don't get down if nothing comes of it until around September.

I know this doesn't solve the immediate issue of having no work, but keep it in mind if you ever get down. Don't forget - work or no work, you still rock.

In the meantime, take Buttercup out into the sunshine and give her a hug from me while listening to the sound of the summer.

AKA said...

You wonderful fool, that was exactly what I needed. Thanks for making me laugh. Now, all I need to find on my hard drive is the theme from THE ROCKFORD FILES. As you well know, it's The Sound of FREEDOM!!

b efecatingonyamicrophone said...

More wonderful foolishness, this time for Buttercup: Hip Hop Baby

Bert said...

B - is absolutely right. Give me a ring if you want to yell, scram and shout (but NOT tonight as it's a BB eviction and `Lost' and I am too excited for words...)

Bert again said...

Was that `scram' a `scream'? who knows...

AKA said...

Yes - must disconnect the phones tonight. It's a LOST / BB marathon!! (And, EUGENE TO WIN! - I'll hurt anyone who says otherwise!)

AnonymousX said...

You are certainly not alone. Being a new grad, it took me months (around 8 the first time, 9 the second) to find my last jobs. You have excellent experience to carry forward; learn to play it up really well. I hate to say it, but get a great elevator speech ready.

Also remember it's nothing wrong with you, it's because there are far too many people applying for jobs, so it becomes a matter of connections and/or luck rather than qualifications. Some jobs I applied for had over 100 applications - talk about bad odds.

And at the end, you will be triply relieved to find a new job, and one that hopefully fits you better than the last.