Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Two Countries separated by a Common Language

To any American journalists lurking around here, please take note:

There is no such thing as the “London Subway”. It’s called the “London Underground” or, to the 8 million Londoners who live in this fair city, it’s “The Tube”. Don’t try and bend our language to fit your lazy journalistic standards.


Bert said...


AKA said...

And proud of it

DG said...

You wait in a que, we stand in line.
Your news reports that people went to hospital, our news reports that people went to the hospital.

You hire a car, we rent a car (you hire labor, you rent things. . . aka you rent a car and drive it yourself, you hire a taxi.)

The London Underground or tube is the subway of London, as subway refers to an underground train system.

I read something once about two countries seperated by a common language. For the most part we are able to commnicate, but we have to stop and translate from time to time.

I spent 11 weeks looking for a job once, it was no fun, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Then I took a job working for a crazed Austrailian. I should have looked longer. Good Luck!

DG (friend of Bert)

Anonymous said...

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