Monday, November 12, 2007

Jack Lord Can Kill You With His Eyes

It's late, I'm a reluctant insomniac, my chicken-pox riddled bambina has taken my place in the marital bed, I'm desperately trying to postpone another night on the couch and the prospect of wedging all 6" 3 of me onto a lumpy sofa half my size makes my spine scream in fearful anticipation, and the beer I just cracked open is just too damn perfect to abandon just yet. There's only one thing for it, dammit! Time to revel in all 56 majestic seconds of this enervating sliver of pop culture wizardry over & over & over again. Aaaaaaand GO!


B said...

Jack Lord has indeed killed me many times with his eyes.

The day I had my tonsils out, I was so stoned on the pre-med that, as they wheeled me down to theatre on the gurney, I was singing the theme from "Hawaii Five-O" and pretending to row the gurney like a canoe.


My captcha word on this comment is "ewxfm". This is inappropriate as I listen to that station almost exclusively, and so it should really be "ohgooditsxfm" instead. But nobody listens to me.

Made in DNA said...

Jack Lord is the man of my dreams! I swear!