Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You Made Me Forget Myself

Thought I had time for this today. Turns out that I don’t. You know the drill by now: a glut of work, webfuckery, job-hunting and, added to that, prepping myself for not one but TWO interviews tomorrow (so no blogging tomorrow either as I’ll be bouncing all around London like a pinstripe pinball. I’ll try and make up for it on Friday).

To compensate for it in the short-term, I leave you with a little slice of British television history. In 1997, one of my favourite songs, Lou Reed’s heartbreakingly beautiful Perfect Day, was featured by the BBC in a lengthy corporate advertisement of its own music coverage. The trailer was shown on BBC channels and in cinemas and went on to win awards. It was released as a charity single in November of that year for Children In Need, becoming the UK's number one single for two weeks, selling over a million copies.

Covering a broad range of musical styles and contributors, this is almost perfect. (Sadly, it is somewhat marred by the strangulated screechings of the monstrous and ridiculous Heather Small). Never mind. Here is Lou with a lot of his Very Special Friends. Oh what a Perfect Day:

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b erecometheplanezzz said...

Has it really been ten years? It's so, so much better watching it now. Why is that?

I forgot Laurie Anderson was in it, looking like a shock-headed bug-eyed schoolboy. You go, O Superma'am!