Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Earth’s Tiniest Hero

One of the highlights of my weekend was listening to my wife explaining to my daughter the benefits of eating your fruit and vegetables:

Mrs. AKA: The Hulk is green and strong because he eats broccoli.
Buttercup: Yeah.
Mrs. AKA: The Thing is orange and strong because he eats carrots.
Buttercup: Yeah. (pause) Mummy, what does Spider-Man eat?
Mrs. AKA: Blueberries and strawberries!


Jennifer said...

So cute!

Matt said...

yep, that's pretty sweet, dude. kudos to your kindred. erm, in other news, i hope you get this job in camden, as i am likely to be starting a new job in london pretty soon and would occasionally like some company of an evening...

b tanlee said...

I think the silent hero here is yourself, for getting your whole family to relate everyday stuff to Marvel comics. Excelsior!