Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I promised to return with the story of my week away, and I didn’t. Pull up a stool and I’ll tell you why.

The short version is this: I was sent away to the Microsoft Tech-Ed IT Forum in Barcelona for a week, and there are many, many stories to be told of foolish people and their foolish ways. But I must admit, I’ve been putting it off. I think the O’Jays put it best in a proclamation freighted with funky prescience. To wit:

“They smilin’ in your face,
All the time they wanna take your place,
The Backstabbers,

Words to live by. There is all manner of skulduggery and shit going on in my workplace at the moment, and I have to admit that I was reluctant to discuss work and work-related matters on Sucker Punch. But, fuck it. I can’t keep skating around the events of my life in a non-committal way, writing about it by shrouding things in a vague fog of half-told stories that only protect the guilty and short-change the pure-of-heart. Truth is important, so expect an influx of important truths to flood this page in the coming days. Well, as close as I can get without getting my ass fired. Truth may be important, but so is feeding my family. Still trying to reconcile that one…

So, since I got back from what was a truly exhausting week away, I’ve just been getting back in the groove: catching up on my sleep, spending time with my wife and daughter, eating properly, wading through the backlog of e-mails and newsfeeds. Now I’m ready to hurl down words of righteous anger, liberally sprinkled with unnecessary swearing and stupid jokes. Business as usual, then.

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b oooooneeey said...

I need more Philly Soul on my iPod, that's for dang sho.

And a Philly Cheese Steak. But not on my iPod.