Friday, April 07, 2006

Once I Caught A Fish Alive


Mrs. AKA: One…

Buttercup: Two, Free, Four, Five, Shix, Sheven, Eight, Nine, Eight, Ten

Pretty amazing stuff, eh? That’s my 19-month old daughter counting to ten for the first time. OK, so she said “eight” twice for some reason, but, come on, she’s only little…

I’m filled with a combination of glowing pride at my smart-as-a-whip little girl, who has been horribly sick all week, voiding herself messily from every orifice, yet still sharp enough to come out with this, and regret that I wasn’t there to see it myself. Working for a living sucks ass. Money may be important, but I keep on missing these milestones. And they're priceless.

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b bsentee said...

You know what? You can be in the same house as them all day, but if you're in a different room you'll still miss it.

I've come to terms knowing I'll be in the loo when mine says his first word in the kitchen.

Kudos to Buttercup, by the way - way to stay ahead of the game. Get well soon, kid.

(PS She said "eight" twice because 8 is a magic number. Kids just know these things.)