Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bust the Cap on the Moet

2006 already, eh? How the fuck did that happen?

Well, clearly I’m not ready to be hurled back into the mire of office life. Know how I know that? There was a large empty pizza box sitting on the floor right in the middle of the office and people have been walking around it all morning. It’s been getting on my nerves.

I finally got up and shouted “Why is this box on the floor?”

A room full of dead eyes looked away from their monitors long enough to shrug confusion at me. I picked up the box and hurled it in the bin, and then I realised I had said “I’m surrounded by fucking crazy people!” out loud. Everyone looked back at their screens pretty damn quickly.

I always think it’s important to set the tone for the year. Having the drones cowering in fear from the surly fucker in the corner can only be a good thing, yes?

Christmas was the usual bacchanalian debauch of excessive behaviour. Too much food, too much booze, too much money flowing in the wrong direction. On the up side, lots of rest and sleep and time with my wife and daughter. As a bonus, little Buttercup started walking on New Year’s Eve.

Just after 1am on New Year’s Day, just before I was about to crawl into bed to start my battle with an impending hangover, my mobile rang. It was one of my oldest, closest friends calling from California to wish me a Happy New Year. It was still 2005 over there at the time. I haven’t seen him since my wedding day two and a half years ago. Excellent way to start the year.

Lots of things to think about this year. Moving home (it’s too small for the three of us now, and my daughter needs her own bedroom. Also, I’m sick of waking up at 6.30am every day to get to work. Need to move closer to the action).

Writing things keep percolating, but I feel generally pretty positive about that at this point. The brain is still working just fine, and I just need to keep it firing long enough to get things out of my head and into the world often enough. I’ve stopped caring about being published quite so much, so I can concentrate more on the business of creating and less on the problem of pitching. I’ve got a small shelf of stuff I’ve had published, and I look forward to that growing, but that’s not my overriding concern at the moment, and it's a liberating feeling.

I’m interested in spending the coming weeks just soaking new shit up, to see what it kicks loose, and so I'm making a concerted effort to power through my piles of unread / unwatched / unheard things cluttering up my crib. In that spirit:

SEEN: A Very Long Engagement – Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Audrey Tautou’s follow-up to Amelie is a slippery thing. In some ways, it’s a lot like Amelie, sharing its picaresque rambling anecdotal storytelling, with some lovely effective sequences. Conversely, it also weakens the film, by taking so long in getting to its destination via such a convoluted route. I liked it OK, but it’s no Amelie.

READ: Losers Vol. 4: Close Quarters – The penultimate collection of Andy Diggle and Jock’s action movie-on-paper / conspiracy thriller. God, it’s good. Clay, Jensen, Cougar, Pooch and Aisha are The Losers – a former covert CIA black ops / wetworks division gone rogue, fighting for justice after being betrayed and left-for-dead on a mission years earlier. They make The A-Team look like The Village People. The kind of comic that the phrase “high octane” was created for.


b averchuck said...

How about that? I started walking on New Year's Day when I was a baby.

Much attention was lavished on me that day, much smiling and pointing at the movement of my legs. I received a similar response from people when I started PE at high school.

[My word verification today is "techn". That's almost a real word!]

matt said...

that's lovely news about yon buttercup, and i am glad you passed such a pleasant evening on NYE. when are we going to do something? i was in the area over christmas, but hella busy. i am soon to be back working in london tho...take care, and don't maim anyone i wouldn't maim.

AKA said...


Back to working in London, eh? Good news. I can bother you more often now. Excellent stuff.