Monday, October 10, 2005

Sick Note

So, it wasn’t the restful weekend that I had hoped for. Buttercup had a high temperature and she’s been teething. To alleviate her teething pains, she sometimes sticks her little hands in her mouth to get to the source of the discomfort. Without fail, she always manages to hit her gag reflex. My house has been swimming in rivers of baby vomit for days now. (I have to admit, the sight of Mrs. AKA with a face covered in projectile puke did make me laugh, like a live-action bukkake freeze frame right in my own home!)

All three of us had to keep going through more wardrobe changes than a catwalk model, with piles of rancid towels and t-shirts, bibs and bathmats, sweat pants and socks queuing for their turn at the washing machine.

And with every new volley of creamy gook congealing on our clothes, we then had to make sure she was still well fed and well watered, to stop her from getting dehydrated and hungry. But, being a tough little cookie, she barely grumbled the whole time. Seconds after an obviously uncomfortable retch, her little brown eyes watering from the pain, she was laughing and smiling again. That’s my girl!

Mrs. AKA, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling quite as buoyant. Being hunched over mopping up an ocean of lumpy upchuck from the kitchen floor on a Sunday night, losing track of the number of times you’ve had to clean up over the space of a weekend will do that to you.

As for me, I’m just pragmatic. As soon as the puke hits the fan, I just go into calm problem-solving mode: this needs to be moved, that needs to be wiped down, we need to make some more food, get her some fresh water, etc, etc. You would be right if you think that sounds like grace under pressure…

And in the background to all this, the world carries on crumbling around us. South Asia Earthquake. Guatemalan mudslides. Avian Flu hits Europe. Death and destruction everywhere…

And on a much smaller scale, but also tragic in its own little way, on a day when the folks at Aardman Animation should be ecstatic that their signature characters of Wallace and Gromit have taken the top spot on the American box office charts, a devastating fire has wiped out the entire archive of this unique company, eradicating an irreplaceable part of animation history.

It all puts a bit of baby puke into perspective, doesn’t it?

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Shh! Bert at Work said...

Having watched the 10 o clock news last night on the erthquake, er went to bed pretty much in silence.
I just felt utterly overwhelmed and helpless.