Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow

OK, so it’s not just teething.

Buttercup continues to suffer and volleys of spew still bounce off the walls of the AKA household. The doctor says it’s a gastrointestinal virus of some kind…made worse by the fact that she’s also caught a cold off the back of it. It’s the coughing that does it…that’s what makes her throw up so often.

All three of us are really starting to feel the effects of endless upheaval and lack of sleep. Buttercup is not her usual ebullient self, and her happiness only surfaces at rare moments when she knows she can have a bath (man, does that girl love baths!), and she can sit in the water playing with her toy octopus. Or when she can get a hug from her parents. Her discomfort is causing her to be a lot more clingy than normal, and she always wants to be close to the safe arms of her mummy or daddy. It’s heartbreaking to see my little scrapper so withdrawn, quiet and sad, when usually she’s a source of endless mischief and chatter.

Mrs. AKA and I are ragged with sleeplessness and stress, and we are sniping at each other for no reason. As for me, whenever there’s a shortage of sleep and rest, my back is the first thing to go. (One of those unfortunate side-effects of being tall). I grimace in agony with every movement, I can’t seem to stretch myself to my full height, my body is fighting me to twist itself into a question mark, and I creak like the Tin Man whenever I try to do anything. I also occasionally have outbursts where I shout “Oil Can! Oil Can!”, but to no avail.

Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of when Mrs. AKA and I first “hooked up”…in some ways it seems like a lifetime ago, and in others like we are still only at the beginning of something. Obviously, instead of marking the event with the all-purpose AKA Dinner-And-A-Movie Date, we spent the evening carrying out the frustrating ritual of ridding our home of an overabundance of regurgitated food.

But there are always strange new wonders in the world to take our minds off our daily struggles. Don’t believe me? Look! Scientists have taught dolphins how to perform the Batman theme song!

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