Friday, April 08, 2005

Stairs in Their Eyes

Greetings, pop pickers!

My body is telling me that I should be in bed sleeping. Of course, my body is being held hostage by my employers, who insist that I actually come to work and, you know, do what I’m paid to do.

Yesterday, we were hit with an impromptu office move, which involved moving everything from the third floor of the building to the ground floor. In a building without a lift. So I spent the entire day dismantling desks, carrying them down three flights of stairs, and reassembling them. On top of that, there was the movement of PCs, monitors, printers, faxes…My legs were leaden by the end of the day. At one point, I could swear I heard them say, “Fuck off. We are not moving anymore. Sit your arse down and give us a rest.”

It didn’t help being the object of some unwarranted sniping by people who weren’t actually helping. I heard one of the managers saying, “This is the most work AKA has done since he got here!”, to which I fired back, “Well, you’re getting your fucking money’s worth out of me now, aren’t you?”

Not one of my better comebacks but, give me a break, I was preoccupied.

I shuffled home to an empty house. Mrs. AKA had packed up Buttercup for a night at her parents’ place, to give me the opportunity to collapse without distraction. Usually when the family disappears for the night, I indulge myself with too much pizza, too much beer and trashy movies.

Mrs. AKA had planned ahead to pre-empt my self-indulgence by preparing my dinner for me (I know, I’m a lucky man), and I couldn’t face more than one beer. Any more would have finished me off. I flicked through the unwatched DVD mountain, and settled on the magnificently cheesy Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors from Amicus, purveyors of cheap British horror anthology movies. A cracking cast, with big screen legends Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Donald Sutherland rubbing shoulders with Alan “Fluff” Freeman and Roy “Dedication” Castle.

I crawled into bed and slept badly, and now I’m in the middle of another day of lifting, carrying and aching. On the plus side, I’ve just been told that I am being rewarded for yesterday’s efforts with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. I’m actually quite touched by that. In my previous job, I wouldn’t have even got a Thank You.

Right, finally got all that out of my system. The stairs are calling once more. I must away.

If you wanna be the best, If you wanna beat the rest, Ooo-oh dedication's what you need.

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Bert said...

`...and now I’m in the middle of another day of lifting, carrying and aching.'

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