Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Captain's Log

I saw the most strangely beautiful-disgusting thing on the way to work this morning, blocking my path.

There was a huge pile of dog shit smack dab in the centre of the pavement. In the centre of the mountainous turd, someone had planted a Diet Coke bottle, affixed solid and upright in the poo. Out of the top of the Coke bottle, that (no doubt) same someone had planted a perfect, dazzlingly-yellow daffodil.

Really wish I’d snapped a photo of it on my phone.

It was weird, and brilliant, and pretty nasty.

(Damn, this blog really does wallow in minutiae and trivia sometimes…Once I get my head screwed back on straight again, I will endeavour to provide you all with a more meaty, satisfying reading experience.)


B omit said...

Thank you for using the words "meaty" and "satisfying" to close a blog entry about dog poo.

AKA said...

I aims to please. (And, yes, it was entirely deliberate).