Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Funny, You Don’t Look Sick

I took the last two days off work sick. I wasn’t ACTUALLY sick, though. I felt perfectly fine.

I could have taken two days off as part of my annual leave. But where’s the pleasure in that? Part of the fun is letting the mucus build up at the back of your throat for half an hour, so you can give a big, theatrical snort of snot when you call in, mumble something suitably vague about viral infections and high temperatures, and then settle in for a couple of days of wilful slacking, whilst the rest of the world scurries along foolishly earning their paycheques.

And, here I am, back at work, taking it all in at a sedate pace, refining and embellishing my tales of weakness and vomit and loose bowels, as my colleagues offer their well wishes and, occasionally, a suspicious glance questioning the veracity of my time off.

How dare they doubt me? It makes me sick!

(Sorry. Couldn’t resist that.)

What else? London – a multicultural stew of people and their endless mixtures, combinations and offerings, contributing to the rich diversity of life in the Big Smoke, immeasurably enhancing the lives of the rest of us in a beautiful and perfect symbiosis of world cultures, in what should be a perfect microcosm of how the world could be, as we respect and embrace each others differences, creating things that are new and wonderful and exciting all the time.

So, of course, orange-hued leather-skinned hategibbering fuckcretin Kilroy wants to spoil it for the rest of us.

In other news, the newly-launched MSN Search is dreadful. I’ve been having a play with it and it doesn’t work properly at all. Bill Gates should hang his wealthy nerdhead in shame. Stick to Google.

Bit of MSN Search trivia. If you search “best browser”, the excellent Mozilla Firefox comes up. Internet Explorer is around 8th on the list. A search for “worst browser” throws up, yeah, you guessed it, Internet Explorer. Oh, the endless joys of the Internet.

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