Thursday, December 09, 2004

Happy Trails

As part of the continuing work-in-progress that is the indispensable AKA Year In Review 2004, I’ve just spent the last hour bouncing around the superb Blog of Death.

I can’t say that it’s done wonders for my mood.

I ended up reminding myself of the deaths of people whose work I admire, and stumbled upon a few that I didn’t even know about. How can talentless amoeba like Peter Andre continue to thrive when we lost a slew of mighty artists we could ill afford to lose? To say I am bummed out would be an archaic understatement.

So to these fallen greats, I salute you all.

A farewell and a final bow to actors Ron O’Neal, Paul Winfield, Victor Argo and Christopher Reeve, and to Bosom Auteur Russ Meyer.

And one last rimshot to musicians Johnny Bristol, Elvin Jones, John Whitehead, Ray Charles, Jerry Goldsmith, Elmer Bernstein, Rick James and Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

I’ll just have one last squint at your names through the amber light of a shot of Jack Daniel’s before toasting you all.

Thank you.

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