Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sucker Punched

Tired today. Little Buttercup had an immunisation jab yesterday, so it was a long night. And it’s making me very fractious and cranky.

I’ve been left in charge of the department, without being told how any of the arcane, and quite frankly shit, software works, and I’ve got people chasing me up to do things I’m ill-equipped to handle. Bullshitting my way through tasks and telling people I’ll get back to them.

The Office Comedian, who looks like a cotton bud with a Bart Simpson haircut, never shuts his fucking mouth, and its aggravating me. It’s an endless flood of verbal effluent seeping into my ears.

He was mumbling some interminable joke / story / jibba jabba about wishing he could be a Dictator when he grew up.

I told him he had the first syllable down pat.

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