Thursday, November 04, 2004

Redtop Retards

Last night, George W. Bush and his band of Merry Republicans were elected into their second term running the world’s last remaining superpower. So, of course, today’s edition of The Sun leads with a completely different story on the front page. A story about Pop Idol Will Young being burglarised. Because it’s all about hard-hitting journalism for the crusading truth-seekers down at News International. They should all be melted down into slag and buried in a landfill somewhere. Then I could go and dance on their squishy entrails.

In a separate, but related, matter:

I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the people I work with. But, if I did, every iota of that respect would have evaporated today. Braindead Employee Number One was pleased with The Sun’s front page news today, because he doesn’t care about the US Election, and “it doesn’t affect us anyway”…

Braindead Employee Number Two argued that it didn’t matter who was elected President, because they are equally shit anyway…

Clearly, the people I work with are marginally stupider than the anal discharge from a lobotomised Big Brother housemate.

Am I overreacting? I don’t think so.

Am I naïve to be continually surprised by the narrow perspective and shortsighted “I’m OK, so fuck everyone else” worldview of other people? Maybe.

Drink up, Arthur. The world’s about to end.

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