Sunday, October 10, 2004

Lone Wolf and Cub

Hello. I am AKA’s eleven-day-old daughter. You can call me Buttercup (it’s not my real name, but daddy says that people on blogs don’t use their real names, in case they want to say something horrible about people they know, or they want to say bad things about where they work without getting fired. I can dig it).

To celebrate my birth, and for one time only, daddy has allowed me to take over his blog. My motor-skills are still a bit lacking (give me a break! I’m only eleven days old!), so he is transcribing my thoughts as I dictate them.

So, what can I tell you? It’s been an interesting first week. I’ve been filling lots of nappies. There was one yesterday that must have been my own body weight in poop the colour and consistency of Dijon mustard. Ha ha! Daddy freaked out a bit cleaning that up.

In my defence, I’m not feeling too well. I’m having my first cold. My immune system doesn’t really exist yet, so this cold will do me good in the long run. I couldn’t sleep very well the other night because of my cold, so daddy stayed up until 4 in the morning to look after me, and we also sat and watched Cabin Fever at the same time. I don’t think I’m old enough to watch stuff like that yet…daddy told me that it was overly derivative, and that I would be better off with stuff like Evil Dead and Night of the Living Dead. Daddy’s parenting skills worry me sometimes.

Mummy was up with me a lot last night, so daddy is letting her sleep late while he looks after me. And what did he do? He just made me sit through Gigli! Just wait until he has to empty my nappy later on…I will pay him back for it then!

What else? Daddy says we are a lot alike: we both smile when we fart. (Mummy smiles when I fart too. But she runs away from daddy when he does.)

I need a nap now. If I don’t get 22 hours solid sleep a day, I’m no good to anyone, and I need to get up later to gaze at lights and study my hands. Bye bye!

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