Monday, July 19, 2004

Who goes? YOU decide!

What is WRONG with you people? After five years, I would have thought the viewing public would have started to understand the premise of Big Brother. Look – it’s very, very simple. You keep the antagonistic, quirky, honest, confrontational characters IN the house. You get the dull, bland, media-wannabe, shiny, happy people OUT of the house. Haven’t you realised that there is a REASON why you all complain that the last few weeks of the show are boring every year? Because you kept all the boring people in there! With Ahmed gone, Victor is the last vestige of drama left in the show. The rest of them are almost universally “don’t-rock-the-boat and we’ll get on the cover of Heat magazine” whores for attention. I guess the viewing public gets the entertainment they deserve…I HATE those remaining housemates (and you are their bodyguards).

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