Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Welcome to Jericho

When I started Stray Bullets, roughly 100% of my readers consisted of people I know who, under duress, I will call “friends”. That has started to change.

Due to the magic of Google, and the cyber snooping mastery of Extreme Tracking, people whom I have never met pull up to the bar here at Stray Bullets and drink deep of my nonsense until the head rush sends them out into the night air to be run down by a pack of wild horses. I am consistently amused and cheered by the circuitous journeys that lead them to my door. Here are some of the search terms that people have Googled since Stray Bullets was born:

Fantasy+nuns – You dirty filthmonger
"movie premiere" +"press passes" - Can’t help people with that, m’afraid. All press passes remain the property of AKA
Darth Vader of the Slide Fader – And if you get hooked, baby, it’s nobody else’s fault, so don’t do it!
Leslie Grantham Finger Suck - This search was used TWICE! What is WRONG with you people?
blumpkin+nugget+porn – Wow. Whoever wanted this must have been disappointed.

And, my personal favourite headfuck search, which I am at a loss to explain:

"i hate pigeons" star wars

One last thing. Whilst composing this screed, I’ve had Sympathy for the Devil pumped directly into my ears in an almost futile attempt to drown out someone playing sumshit which I fear is some kind of compilation by Louise (aka The White One who used to be in Eternal). It is a mighty soundclash, but there is no way that Keith’s devastating axe wielding is going to be drowned out by that wailing bint. He can cleave that evil bitch in half with his mighty weapon.

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