Wednesday, July 07, 2004

To Have and to Hold

So, I’m sitting here trying to wade through a mess of deadly dull work and my phone rings. Now, all my worthwhile calls come through to my mobile. If my landline rings, it is invariably a salesperson trying to hawk me his shoddy wares. This guy was trying to sell me printer toner. Most salespeople take the fucking hint at my monosyllabic answers and curt manner, and go away very quickly. This guy was a pushy prick who would not leave me alone, despite the fact that I’d made it abundantly clear that I was very, very busy. So I’ve just put him on hold. Obviously, I have absolutely no intention of returning to the call. Let’s see who blinks first.

Ha! Thought so. Not even 4 minutes and he gave up. Pussy!

One last thing: Mind the oranges, Marlon.

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