Thursday, July 08, 2004

Fresh for '04, Suckas!

"It's been a long time,
I shouldn't have left you,
Without a strong rhyme to step to,
Think of how many weak shows ya slept through,
Time's Up, Sorry I kept you."

Hi. I'm AKA, you may remember me from the devastating lyrics that I used to spew forth here on a little old blog called Stray Bullets. Nothing was safe from my unerring aim. Not even me. In a fit of tempremental artistic pique, Stray Bullets coughed it's last breath, it's guts shredded, a blood bubble coagulating on its nostril, and it's words drifting away in the wind. The past was mere prologue to the future, and the future is now.

I'm back, motherfuckers, so lock up your daughters, break out the kevlar, and grab yourself a beer and a shot.

Stray Bullets is Dead. Long live Sucker Punch!

"The Love Boat,
Exciting and New,
Come Aboard,
We're waiting for you...."

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