Friday, July 23, 2004

Countdown Conundrum

Another one of those useless questionnaire things I found whilst aimlessly surfing. No doubt it will satisfy your AKA trivia lust. Kept me pleasantly distracted for a while anyway.

10 Things About You – Physically

1. I am 6 foot 3
2. I have a luxuriously thick head of jet-black hair. Think Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever. Oh yes.
3. Calf muscles as hard as cinder blocks.
4. People seem to think I look a lot younger than I actually am.
5. I only shave about once a weak, hence a dirty-looking perpetual five o’clock shadow. Well, I like it anyway.
6. I could stand to lose a few pounds. And my bitch tits. Think Travolta circa Pulp Fiction.
7. I got sideburns you would kill for. I ain’t bullshitting ya neither.
8. Naturally tan skin
9. Unnaturally tan teeth
10. Size 13 feet. If any one knows somewhere that actually sells shoes in my size…

9 songs

1. Isaac Hayes “Theme from Shaft" (and we can dig it)
2. The Temptations “Psychedelic Shack”
3. Outkast “So Fresh, So Clean"
4. The Time “Jungle Love”
5. Cameo “Word Up”
6. D.O.C. “The Grand Finale "
7. Stevie Wonder “Superstition”
8. Camp-Lo “Luchini”
9. Prince "Head "

8 Favourite Foods / Drinks

1. Jack Daniel’s – neat or on the rocks. Or straight out the bottle and down my throat
2. Beer (ice-cold only)
3. Thai Green Chicken Curry and rice
4. Pepperoni Pizza with jalapenos
5. A big-ass cheesburger with all the trimmings, and fries. And I mean a REAL burger, not that golden arches crap
6. Chorizo and asparagus penne pasta, with a spicy sauce made with my own two hands
7. Fresh, strong, black coffee
8. Anything created by the culinary alchemy of Mrs. AKA’s School of Magic

7 Things You Wear Daily

1. Black shirt
2. Black jeans / trousers
3. Black jacket (denim or leather – depending on the weather)
4. Black shoes
5. Black socks
6. My wedding ring
7. A permanent “Don’t even think of talking to me” expression on my face

6 Things That Annoy You

1. People who ignore the “Don’t even think of talking to me” expression on my face
2. Bad writers and bad writing
3. The tards who try and accost me in the street with “cheeky” banter to get my credit card details for various charities. If they keep getting up in my face, I might have to make them a beneficiary of one of those charities, knowwhumsaying?
4. People on the Tube on a roasting hot day who smell like they’ve smeared themselves with sour cheese and their own shit. Kill. Them. Now. Or give away deodorant with every season ticket purchased.
5. People who chat shit behind your back but don’t have the balls to say it to your face. All I got is my word and my balls, and I don’t break them for nobody.
6. Gus Van Sant’s Elephant. Piece. Of. Shit. Made me want to go and get all Columbine on his ass.

5 Things You Touch Everyday

1. Myself
2. My hair
3. My laptop
4. Whatever book I currently have on the go
5. Your soul

4 Shows You Watch

1. Quantum Leap
2. The West Wing
3. Monk
4. The Powerpuff Girls

3 "Celebrities" You Have a Crush On

1. Salma Hayek
2. Lucy Liu
3. Johnny Depp

Two People online you have kissed

I reckon this could fall into the “none of your fucking business” category. If you don’t ask, I won’t tell you to go fuck yourself. Deal?

One person you like

It had to finish on a tough one, didn’t it…

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