Monday, July 12, 2004

Brother, Can You Spare a Job?

It’s finally Official. This is the worst job I’ve ever, ever had. I’ve had jobs where I was treated worse in a more direct and vicious manner. I’ve had jobs where I’ve had to work longer and more unreasonable hours. Both these factors were offset by the fact that I got paid more, and there was the possibility of promotion, pay rises or training. My current job qualifies as the most sucky job in existence ‘cos all the insults to my intelligence and dignity occur in an underhand and cowardly way by weak-chinned fools who only look out for their own job security, and fuck everyone else. The most selfish work environment ever. Fact.

In an attempt to get the fuck away from this place, I had a job interview on Friday. Due to the late notice for the interview, I chucked a sickie. This was waiting for me in my Inbox upon my return to work this morning:

This email serves to confirm that your sick day taken today (09/07/04) will not be paid for by Patronising Overlords plc and will be deducted from your July salary as one day unpaid leave.
In terms of Clause 16.1 of your contract, you have exceeded " aggregate of 10 working days in any rolling period of 12 months ..." entitlement to paid sick leave.
Please be aware that any further sick days could quite likely result in a similar course of action being taken until such time as your aggregate of sick days drops to below 10 within any rolling period of 12 months.
If you have any queries regarding this or wish to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Weak-Chinned Fool

Boy, do I hate it here. I hope I get this job.

One final parting shot: If anyone reading this works for this company, or a company affiliated with it in any way (and I know some of you do), please do not cross-post this or overtly refer to it on another blog. Didn’t we all go through enough shit last week because of stuff like that?

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